Your Kelowna Gravel Supplier Provides Everyday Uses for Gravel!

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Gravel is an incredibly versatile material. It can be used in several different instances in your outdoor landscape. Gravel is inexpensive and readily available in most cities. Check out a Kelowna gravel supplier like Kelowna Sand and Gravel for a great price and tons of options. There are many different colours and sizes of gravel for you to choose from. Whether you are building a pathway or looking for something to help improve drainage, there’s a type of gravel for you! Follow along below to learn more about the applications of gravel in landscaping. 

Kelowna Gravel Supplier On: How to Effectively Use Gravel?

Gravel is used in many different ways in the landscaping and construction industry. One of the best ways to put gravel to use is to use it as a mulch substitute. Gravel works wells in place of mulch. This is because it isn’t going to blow away and it keeps the soil cool and insulated. Medium-sized gravel would be best in a garden bed. 

Another great use for gravel is drainage. Drainage is an area you don’t want to look past. Especially as a homeowner or contractor. You can use gravel at the bottom of flowerpots or at the base of the drain pipe from your gutter. Crushed stone makes for a perfect material to deal with excess water. 

Additionally, gravel can be applied as a base for walkways and patios. Gravel such as processed gravel is best for underneath a patio. Moreover, you can use gravel between pavers or grass to create a modern look. Many people also use gravel for walkways as a cheap alternative to concrete. A smaller size of gravel is best when using it for a walkway. This is because it feels better to walk on. 

If you are interested in purchasing gravel for one of these applications, contact your Kelowna gravel supplier today! For more information on the many uses of gravel, be sure to visit our blog each month for sand and gravel-related articles. Feel free to reach out for a quote on our materials. We look forward to providing you with the best sand and gravel in Kelowna!

Gravel Supplier in Kelowna for Erosion Control

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Gravel has a multitude of uses that make it a highly sought-after material. Despite its boring appearance, gravel is necessary for various circumstances. If you are in need of a gravel supplier in Kelowna, we have you covered! Discover the versatility and durability of one of the world’s most used materials. In this article, we will be discussing the suitability of gravel for erosion control. Continue reading below to learn more!

In mudslide-prone areas, gravel is used to prevent immense damage. When water runoff reaches a peak, the soil erodes at a rapid rate. Additionally, it is common that large amounts of runoff occur with the quick melting of snow or after a large rainfall. Moreover, when the water mixes with the soil it liquifies causing a mudslide. In order to combat this, gravel is placed into eroded waterways to reduce the flow. 

In British Columbia floods and mudslides are extremely common. Especially during spring and fall. In 2021, B.C saw an influx in flooding and erosion causing disaster to key infrastructures like highways, bridges and roads. In addition, these natural disasters are a major point of concern for homeowners, emergency responders, and government officials. However, some of the problems are addressed by using gravel. 

Gravel works to prevent erosion by providing something for soil to stick to. As water tries to sweep away the soil, gravel ensures it stays in place. This is why gravel is often layered over dams, fences, planks and patches of dirt. Gravel acts as the perfect barrier to make sure soil doesn’t drain away. 

Contact a Gravel Supplier in Kelowna!

If you are interested in purchasing gravel for erosion control, contact your local gravel supplier in Kelowna today! For more information on the many uses of gravel, be sure to check our blog for monthly sand and gravel-related articles. Feel free to reach out for a quote on our materials. We look forward to supplying you with top-quality sand and gravel!

Kelowna Gravel for Sale for Drainage & Flood Prevention

Kelowna Gravel for Sale for Drainage & Flood Prevention

After a difficult flooding season in B.C, many homeowners are looking for ways to floodproof their homes. Preventing water damage to your primary residence is essential for your safety and your wallet. One way that individuals are choosing to ‘flood-proof’ their homes is with Kelowna gravel for sale. Gravel is a durable and sturdy material that promotes drainage. While also retaining its integrity over long periods of time. Rocks are an integral part of a residential landscape because they fortify the drainage system. And, for a low cost compared to other solutions. Learn more about the benefits of using gravel for drainage below.

Benefits of Using Kelowna Gravel for Sale for Drainage:

Gravel is one of the most beneficial materials to maintain good drainage around your property. The most important part of your home is the foundation and using gravel is one of the most effective ways to protect it from the elements. Gravel and other types of rocks are perfect for creating barriers that keep precipitation away from the foundation of your home. 

Additionally, rocks are great at absorbing heat. This is good because the rock will then radiate that heat once the sun goes down and promote the melting of snow and ice. Thus, moving wet snow and ice away from the home’s foundation. However, using rocks and gravel for drainage should only be done in the case that the soil surrounding your home is sloped away from the foundation. Otherwise, the water will have nowhere to go. Contact a landscaping expert if you aren’t sure how to prepare your home for flooding. 

Learn about how to stay safe during a flood by reading the following article here. For more information on getting Kelowna gravel for sale, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you get a head start on your landscaping goals for this spring. Feel free to reach out with any questions about our materials. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

Use Rock For Sale in Kelowna For Your Retaining Walls

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Rock for sale in Kelowna is just what you need to kick off the 2022 landscaping season! Spring is coming quickly and it’s the perfect time to start planning your newest projects. Rock retaining walls are a timeless and practical addition to any outdoor space. By using rock for sale Kelowna you’ll create a wall that lasts the test of time. For more information on why you need to add a retaining wall to your 2022 landscaping plans, continue reading below!

Why Should You Build A Retaining Wall With Rock For Sale in Kelowna?

A retaining wall is an aesthetically pleasing and useful thing to incorporate into your outdoor space. Most people choose to build a retaining wall for the looks. They add significant visual appeal to a backyard or commercial space. Thus, bringing up the property value as well. Moreover, they provide the perfect built-in planter bed for flowers, trees and shrubs. 

Furthermore, a rock retaining wall can help keep the landscape from eroding. The weight of a home and its foundation have a significant impact on the ground beneath. When you factor in the Okanagan’s extreme weather conditions, it can be a recipe for disaster. By building a rock wall you can help prevent unwanted movement in the ground around your property. 

In addition, a solid rock wall can add space to your landscape. Consider using rock for sale Kelowna to give yourself more room to build that pool you’ve always wanted. Or, construct a fun play area for the kids. A rock wall provides property owners with endless outdoor opportunities!

Spring is coming quickly and it’s time to get on with your landscaping goals. Contact us today for a quote on rock for sale in Kelowna. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about our materials. We look forward to working with you in the next few months! 

Use Sand in Kelowna for Your Best Lawn Yet!

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Happy New Year everyone! We wanted to kick off this year with an article detailing how to have the best lawn your yard has ever seen. Beat your neighbour’s luscious lawn with grass so green they’ll be begging you for your secret for such perfection. Sand in Kelowna is just what you need to outdo your neighbours in 2022! Keep reading to discover how sand can improve your lawn. 

Sand in Kelowna Makes the Grass Greener.

When you think of good-quality grass, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a golf course. Many golf courses use sand on the surface of the grass to “top-dress”. This prevents a build-up of dead grass and roots. Thus, giving it a lush and healthy appearance. 

Using sand on your lawn can be beneficial if it is applied correctly. In some cases, applying sand to your grass can do more harm than good. However, if you follow the proper steps required you’ll have a great lawn in no time. It is important to first research the right type of grass for your climate. In the Okanagan, we tend to experience very hot summers which means you’ll want a very drought-tolerant variety of grass. Interior Bluegrass is among one of the best for the Okanagan region. 

When you go to apply the sand to your lawn it should ideally be dry. You’ll want to make sure that you use sterilized sand if you can. You should also avoid placing more than a 1cm thick layer of sand over the grass. We also recommend that you don’t cut your grass for at least a few days after top dressing. Be sure to stay off the grass for a while and keep heavy objects off of the area. For help with placing sand onto your lawn watch this video!

Make 2022 the best year yet for your grass. Use sand in Kelowna for best results. Be sure to contact us with any inquires about sand in Kelowna. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Check back with us next month for more sand and gravel-related content!

Kelowna Sand and Gravel – A Year in Review!

kelowna sand and gravel year in review

Kelowna Sand and Gravel – A Year in Review!

December is here and it’s time to recap on another productive year at Kelowna Sand and Gravel! This year we published a blog post each month to help everyone with their outdoor landscaping projects. We wrote about everything from project inspiration to informational sand and gravel content. Our goal this year was to ensure our customer base received everything they needed. And, more as far as resources and landscaping materials are concerned! For our December recap, we’re summarizing some of the most popular articles that we wrote in 2021 along with links to any that you might have missed!. This way, you can catch up on any missed content from us at Kelowna Sand and Gravel!

Continue reading below for more.

June 2021 – Sand and Gravel Are Great For Landscaping!

In June, we wrote about the awesome benefits of using sand and gravel in your next landscaping project. Gravel is a great way to keep weeds down and provides a polished look. Sand has the same sleek effect when used in the right context. Find out more about the benefits of using these materials by reading Sand and Gravel Are Great For Landscaping!


July 2021 – Sand is Great For the Summer.

sand for sale KelownaThe Okanagan saw record high temperatures this summer. In lieu of this, we thought it necessary to tell you all about the awesome ways to use sand in the heat. Sand is great for creating a lush lawn, on pathways, and for play areas and beaches. For more uses of sand during the summer heat, read Sand is Great For the Summer.



August 2021 – How Sand is Made.

sand for sale in kelownaIn August, we wrote all about how sand is made. From getting the right grain size to extraction methods, we talked about it all. This seemingly simple question has a rather complex answer. Click here to learn more about How Sand is Made.





September 2021 – The Many Uses of Gravel!

gravel for salePeople often overlook the awesomeness of gravel when they go shopping for landscape materials. However, what they are missing is a material that has great drainage properties, a clean finish, and creative opportunities. Find out more about The Many Uses of Gravel!




October 2021 – The Sand Shortage. 

sand in kelownaSeveral news corporations have been reporting a sand shortage across the globe. We wanted to inform our listeners about this crisis and urge the importance of using sand wisely. Sand is used in almost every aspect of our daily lives and it would be hard to live without it. Learn more about the importance of The Sand Shortage!



November 2021 – Use Sand and Gravel for the Winter.

kelowna sand suppliers ready for winter sandingSand and gravel have super grippy properties that allow for maximum winter traction. Sand and gravel work well on pathways, roads, and sidewalks in order to reduce iciness in cold temperatures. Moreover, you can fill bags with sand to add weight to any RWD vehicle you own. To discover the many uses of sand and gravel during the winter months, read Use Sand and Gravel for the Winter.




We want to extend a large thanks to our customers and local businesses that use our sand and gravel services. We hope this list helps you catch up on the much-loved sand and gravel content. For more information on getting sand or gravel, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you in the new year!

Kelowna Sand Suppliers are Ready for the Winter!

kelowna sand suppliers ready for winter sanding

Sand is an incredibly versatile material in the winter season. Kelowna sand suppliers know this. This is why we are making sure we have a large sand supply for homeowners, contractors and city needs this winter. Sand can be applied in various ways to ensure traction and grip in icy weather.

Follow along as we go through some of the top reasons why you need some sand this winter. 

Combat Ice With Kelowna Sand Suppliers.

During the winter months, Kelowna is known to reach some pretty harsh temperatures. Icy roads, walkways, and workspaces are a common occurrence in and out of the city. Sand can be used in many ways to make sure nothing slips this winter. Many homeowners will stock up on their sand supply to add grip to their driveways, walkways, and outdoor steps. Moreover, contractors can use sand to guarantee a slip-free workspace. Thus, minimizing the risk of icy surfaces. Even the city uses sand to coat our roads so that cars have a better chance of driving safely. 

But, sand doesn’t just have to be thrown all over the place to be useful. Many people will put sandbags in their car to weigh down the vehicle. This causes the tires to flatten and cover more ground. In turn, giving you more traction. Contrary to popular belief, having extra weight and more tire coverage does not reduce the effectiveness of your brakes. In fact, it enhances them. However, weight should only really be added to RWD vehicles. Not AWD or FWD vehicles. In some instances, you may consider adding a bit of weight to a 4WD vehicle. Weight should be placed as close to the rear tires as possible. For more info on adding weight to your vehicle click here.

For more information on getting some sand for this winter, contact us today. As your local Kelowna sand supplier, we are happy to ensure you have a grippy winter. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote or if you have any questions about getting sand in Kelowna. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sand Suppliers Kelowna Talk About the Sand Shortage.

sand in kelowna

In 2019 a few articles surfaced on the Internet from news corporations like BBC warning the global citizens about a shortage of sand. It seems almost impossible that our planet could be facing such an issue. That is because sand is found virtually everywhere. Vince Beiser, author of the BBC article, Why the world is running out of sand, writes that “Sand, however, is the most-consumed natural resource on the planet besides water. People use some 50 billion tonnes of “aggregate” – the industry term for sand and gravel, which tend to be found together – every year”. 

What many people don’t realize is how sand is an essential component of many of our modern-day necessities. Concrete and asphalt are two recipes that involve sand. Both of which, are used to construct roads, houses, and buildings. Without sand, these would not have the same structural integrity or lasting durability. Sand forms the foundations of many of our structures today.

Sand dredging and excavation from water bodies severely damage the surrounding wildlife. Excavating sand from the ocean ruins coral reefs and in some cases destroys the habitats of aquatic life. In rivers, pumping the sand out of the ground will often suffocate the living creatures on the river floor. It is so important to understand where our resources come from.

Sand suppliers Kelowna, urge you to use sand wisely. Overuse of sand or wasting of sand can cause serious harm to the environment we know and love. For more information on sand suppliers Kelowna, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you get a quote or discuss material uses. We look forward to seeing you at Kelowna Sand and Gravel in the near future!

Get Gravel For Sale Now!

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Gravel for sale is an inexpensive, good-looking way to spice up your landscape. Many people choose gravel to create cost-effective designs. Choose gravel for sale in Kelowna today and make the most of your budget. There are endless ways to incorporate this budget-friendly material. Read the article below to discover some of the ways homeowners are using gravel for sale to landscape their properties here in Kelowna! 

Uses of gravel in Kelowna landscaping projects.

There are several uses for gravel in your landscaping. Many people choose gravel to set the foundation for driveways and walkways. These can later be paved when you have the financial means or left as gravel. Gravel driveways are great if you are planning on using heavy machinery on your property or ATVs. This is because it will not wear and tear in the same way.

You can also use gravel to create a Japanese-style garden. Homeowners often use gravel to achieve the intricate lines and designs seen in these varieties of gardens. The best kind of gravel to use is called Shirakawa-suna, however, there are also many other types.  

Gravel is also a great way to improve drainage in things like planter beds. Additionally, it can be used in the bottom of potted plants for improved filtration. By using gravel in your garden areas, you will greatly reduce the chance of drowning or overwatering your plants. Have a happier, greener garden when you buy gravel for sale from Kelowna sand and gravel!

Buy Gravel for Sale Today!

There are so many uses for gravel in Kelowna. Start using this money-friendly material and improve your landscape today! For more information on gravel for sale, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you get a quote or discuss other material uses, such as sand for sale. We look forward to seeing you at Kelowna Sand and Gravel soon!

Sand for sale in Kelowna

sand for sale in kelowna

How Sand for Sale in Kelowna is made.

Have you ever wondered how sand for sale in Kelowna is made? At Kelowna Sand and Gravel there are a variety of ways we know how to attain the best quality of sand for all job types. From extraction to man-made sand the possibilities are endless. Different grades of sand are used for different jobs and our business strives to provide contractors and homeowners with the right material for every project. Follow along below to discover how our sand for sale in Kelowna is made.

Sand for sale in Kelowna – How Sand is Made.

To understand sand you must first know how it’s created. Sand is formed through the natural decomposition of things like rocks and minerals. Processes like erosion are a primary part of how sand becomes sand. Oftentimes, sand is found in bodies of water. This is because, as the rocks and things float downstream or drift with currents, they slowly wear down. 

Sand can then be extracted from these natural bodies of water or other places and taken to quarries, material suppliers, etc. Sand can also be sorted out of other rocks and natural materials. This is done by sifting the material through various screens or putting the larger chunks through a blade mill. Log washers are another way remaining sand can be extracted from its environment. This process is done to remove the clay or soil from the sand. Lastly, there is crushing. Crushing is done to achieve a certain grade of sand so that contractors can have access to the right consistency of sand. This is essential in certain projects. 

The process of how sand for sale in Kelowna is made is very important. To learn more about how sand is made, contact us at Kelowna Sand and Gravel Today. We’d be happy to enlighten you on how we get our sand. To receive a quote or for inquiries about our services please feel free to reach out at any time. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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