Kelowna Sand and Gravel has Landscaping Materials!

Are you looking for a great company to supply you with all of the landscaping materials for a job well done? Kelowna Sand and Gravel offer a variety of materials to get the ball rolling on your latest outdoor projects. We have a selection of rocks in all shapes, sizes, and colours to fit your commercial or residential needs. From family homes to outdoor public spaces, there’s a perfect rock for everyone here at Kelowna sand and gravel. 


Keep the weeds down.

There’s nothing like rocks to keep the weeds out and garden beds looking clean. Our company sells several types of rocks to ensure a manicured look whatever the project may be. From mountain ash, to granite, you’re sure to find the right landscaping materials when you visit Kelowna Sand and Gravel. 

1” and 2” rocks are perfect for a low maintenance flower bed or garden area. You can also use materials such as crusher chip for a cost effective alternative to a paved pathway, parking area, or patio. Another great money friendly material is sand – perfect for a kids play area or as a base for grass, pavers, and much more!


Landscaping Materials for a Polished Look.


Using materials like rock and sand provides a natural, yet, polished look to any outdoor space. It’s a low maintenance and cost effective way to achieve a sleek look. Instead of buying new mulch or top soil, switch to rocks and save your annual landscaping budget. This way you can still enjoy the beauty of a well-kept space, without all of the weeding and yearly maintenance. Check out this blog for more ways you can use rocks in your landscaping designs!

Contact us at Kelowna Sand and Gravel to find out more on the landscaping materials we supply. Our company is excited to help you with your landscaping needs this summer! Feel free to reach out with any questions, we look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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