Use Kelowna Sand for Sale to Repair Your Pavers.

kelowna sand for sale

Repairing pavers can easily be done with Kelowna sand for sale. This simple process can help restore life into your patio, walkway, or any other area where you have pavers. Creating a stable surface for your pavers to rest is the key to a polished look. However, over time you may find that your pavers shift or sink out of place. Oftentimes, weather or poor installation/prep can be the cause of shifting pavers. However, this can easily be repaired with a little bit of sand! Follow along below to learn more about repairing your pavers and how to maintain them. 

How to Level Your Pavers With Kelowna Sand for Sale?

When building a patio or walkway with pavers it is crucial that you start with a level base. Sand is the best material for this job for a number of reasons. For instance, it holds the pavers in place, allows for proper drainage and a sound structural base. Without sand, your pavers are likely to move and shift. In turn, this can cause all sorts of problems like poor aesthetics, tripping hazards and instability. To avoid these problems in the future, it is vital that you use sand during the repair process. 

To begin the repairs, you’ll need to measure and mark the area where your pavers will be reinstalled. Once this is complete, it’s time to grab a shovel and start digging. Dig around the marked area and remove about 6 inches of soil. You won’t need the extra topsoil, so find a place to put this. Next, you need to pour gravel over the bottom layer of the area you just dug and tamp the gravel down. This can be done with a machine or hand tamper. 

After this step, you might find it useful to add a layer of landscape fabric over the gravel. This would be to prevent weeds from growing and also to separate the layer of gravel from the layer of sand. Penultimately, you will pour a layer of sand over the top of the fabric (or gravel) and grade it until it is level and/or until it slopes away from any structures. Finally, you can lay your pavers down into the sand by pressing them in and filling the gaps with additional sand. 

For more information about Kelowna sand for sale for your next paver project, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you find the materials you need. Check out our blog again next month for more sand and gravel content!