Uses of a Sand Supplier in Kelowna

sand supplier in kelowna

Sand has many different uses on a property. This versatile material can be used in arts and crafts projects and even large home improvements. Sand is suitable for any size of project that you need to complete. For example, building a beach in your backyard or distressing your furniture. For more information about the many uses of a sand supplier in Kelowna, follow along below!

The Many Uses of Sand!

Your local sand supplier in Kelowna can help you complete a range of different projects at your home. Whether that be in the garden, creating an epic backyard, or doing some home improvement tasks. The uses for sand are truly endless. If you have some excess sand that you want to put to use, we have a ton of fun summer projects for you to complete!

If you have a home on the water and want to create that beach cabin vibe, distressed furniture is the way to go. Thankfully, this look can be created without spending hundreds of dollars. To achieve the perfect shabby chic look on wooden furniture, simply mix two parts of sand with one part of water and rub the mixture onto the furniture. 

Next, we have beachy lanterns. A jar lantern is a perfect way to incorporate those beach vibes into your home’s exterior. A pathway lined with these lanterns will cozy up your backyard or front yard in a heartbeat. Grab some mason jars and fill them with a bit of sand and some LED string lights or a battery-powered tea light—that’s it! Enjoy your summer lighting all season long.

Lastly, sand can be used to clean the grease and grime off of your gardening tools. If you’re struggling to remove dirt that has cemented onto your tools, we have just the trick! Sand is a great material when it comes to cleaning. Its gritty nature helps remove the toughest dirt off of your tools. Try mixing sand with a quart of motor oil and dipping your tools into the mixture. Let them sit for a moment, and then wipe them free of the mixture.

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If you are interested in learning more about the uses of sand, stay tuned to our blog. Be sure to contact your local sand supplier in Kelowna today for more information about getting sand. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have about Kelowna Sand and Gravel. We look forward to working with you soon.