Why You Need Pool Sand in Kelowna.

swimming pool sand kelowna

During the hot Kelowna summer, having a pool is a great way to keep cool. Especially on those forty-degree days. By doing some of the groundwork of building your own pool, you end up saving lots of money. And, you still get to reap the benefits of a refreshing pool. Before you begin constructing your own pool, you’ll need to source some of the necessary materials. One of the most important things you’ll need is sand. Follow along below to learn more about pool sand in Kelowna and why it is crucial when constructing a pool. 

The Importance of Pool Sand in Kelowna for Your Pool.

Sand is a vital element in building a pool. This is because it ensures that your pool has a level, stable foundation. Furthermore, if you are constructing an above-ground pool, the sand will protect the liner from being torn. When choosing a type of sand, you’ll want to go with something fine. Any rocks or pebbles in the sand could cause damage over time. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a variety of sand like masonry sand (mortar sand), or concrete sand. 

Next, you’ll need to determine how much sand you need. In general, a two to three-inch base of sand is sufficient. So, if you had a pool that was 15 feet by 36 feet and 7 feet deep, you’d need about 3,780 cubic feet of sand (for an above-ground pool).

For more information about pool sand in Kelowna, contact us today. Sand is an important part of many construction projects. Find out more about our selection of sand and gravel on our website now! We’d be happy to help you find the materials you need. Check out our blog again next month for more sand and gravel content! We look forward to supplying you in the near future.