Sand and Gravel in Kelowna for Floods.

kelowna sand for flood prevention

The new year is here! And, all of us at Kelowna Sand and Gravel hope that you had a restful holiday spent with loved ones. To begin our 2023 blog content, we are going to go over the ways that you can use sand and gravel in Kelowna to prepare for floods. Last year, British Columbia experienced catastrophic flooding in late winter and early spring. In order to safeguard your property from flooding in 2023, it is important that you take precautions. In this article, we will discuss the ways that you can help protect your home from flooding using sand and gravel in Kelowna. Follow along below for more information. 

How to Use Sand and Gravel in Kelowna to Prepare for Flooding?

The British Columbia government issued a statement a few weeks ago urging citizens to prepare themselves for flooding. After such drastic changes in temperatures in the interior of B.C., experts are warning of potential flooding during early 2023. Heavy snowfall and warm temperatures have created the perfect recipe for flooding. In order to combat these risks, it is important that homeowners prepare for such events. 

Homeowners can use both sand and gravel to help safeguard their homes and prepare for flooding. Sandbags are an essential component of flood prevention in homes. By purchasing sand in Kelowna and filling up your own bags, you can help protect your property. Furthermore, investing in emergency kits and creating a household plan can be extremely helpful in the event of a flood. 

For more information about the use of sand and gravel in Kelowna for floods, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you protect your property from flooding in 2023. For more information about our materials and services, feel free to reach out. Be sure to check back on our blog next month for more sand and gravel content. We look forward to working with you in 2023!

Kelowna Gravel for Sale for Drainage & Flood Prevention

Kelowna Gravel for Sale for Drainage & Flood Prevention

After a difficult flooding season in B.C, many homeowners are looking for ways to floodproof their homes. Preventing water damage to your primary residence is essential for your safety and your wallet. One way that individuals are choosing to ‘flood-proof’ their homes is with Kelowna gravel for sale. Gravel is a durable and sturdy material that promotes drainage. While also retaining its integrity over long periods of time. Rocks are an integral part of a residential landscape because they fortify the drainage system. And, for a low cost compared to other solutions. Learn more about the benefits of using gravel for drainage below.

Benefits of Using Kelowna Gravel for Sale for Drainage:

Gravel is one of the most beneficial materials to maintain good drainage around your property. The most important part of your home is the foundation and using gravel is one of the most effective ways to protect it from the elements. Gravel and other types of rocks are perfect for creating barriers that keep precipitation away from the foundation of your home. 

Additionally, rocks are great at absorbing heat. This is good because the rock will then radiate that heat once the sun goes down and promote the melting of snow and ice. Thus, moving wet snow and ice away from the home’s foundation. However, using rocks and gravel for drainage should only be done in the case that the soil surrounding your home is sloped away from the foundation. Otherwise, the water will have nowhere to go. Contact a landscaping expert if you aren’t sure how to prepare your home for flooding. 

Learn about how to stay safe during a flood by reading the following article here. For more information on getting Kelowna gravel for sale, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you get a head start on your landscaping goals for this spring. Feel free to reach out with any questions about our materials. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!