Your Kelowna Gravel Supplier Provides Everyday Uses for Gravel!

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Gravel is an incredibly versatile material. It can be used in several different instances in your outdoor landscape. Gravel is inexpensive and readily available in most cities. Check out a Kelowna gravel supplier like Kelowna Sand and Gravel for a great price and tons of options. There are many different colours and sizes of gravel for you to choose from. Whether you are building a pathway or looking for something to help improve drainage, there’s a type of gravel for you! Follow along below to learn more about the applications of gravel in landscaping. 

Kelowna Gravel Supplier On: How to Effectively Use Gravel?

Gravel is used in many different ways in the landscaping and construction industry. One of the best ways to put gravel to use is to use it as a mulch substitute. Gravel works wells in place of mulch. This is because it isn’t going to blow away and it keeps the soil cool and insulated. Medium-sized gravel would be best in a garden bed. 

Another great use for gravel is drainage. Drainage is an area you don’t want to look past. Especially as a homeowner or contractor. You can use gravel at the bottom of flowerpots or at the base of the drain pipe from your gutter. Crushed stone makes for a perfect material to deal with excess water. 

Additionally, gravel can be applied as a base for walkways and patios. Gravel such as processed gravel is best for underneath a patio. Moreover, you can use gravel between pavers or grass to create a modern look. Many people also use gravel for walkways as a cheap alternative to concrete. A smaller size of gravel is best when using it for a walkway. This is because it feels better to walk on. 

If you are interested in purchasing gravel for one of these applications, contact your Kelowna gravel supplier today! For more information on the many uses of gravel, be sure to visit our blog each month for sand and gravel-related articles. Feel free to reach out for a quote on our materials. We look forward to providing you with the best sand and gravel in Kelowna!

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